Hi, I'm Carolyn

and I am the sole designer, baker, and decorator of Next Door Desserts.  I've been baking ever since I was big enough to "help" my mom in the kitchen.  It's always been something I've enjoyed doing, but in 2012 I discovered a real passion for scratch baking and experimentation.  After a few years of serious baking (especially around the holidays), some dear friends took a chance on me and asked if I would create a custom dessert table for their wedding, and Next Door Desserts was born!


Why "Next Door Desserts?"

Because I want you to feel like you're at a friend or neighbor's house where you can kick your shoes off, sit back, and relax - I have it handled for you!


I don't just want to sell you something; I want to make your day special.  If you're hosting a dinner party, I want your guests to "ooh" and "ahh" at your display.  If you're organizing a company holiday get-together, I want your co-workers to be blown away.  If you choose me to be a part of your wedding day, then I want everything to be seamless and easy, and for everyone to have a memorable time.  I want my desserts to add to the ambiance that you are working to cultivate.  Rich and decadent?  Cozy and nostalgic?  Dreamy and delicate?  Let me help you with that.


I believe in serving you the best!

I feel that a focus on layering flavors - not just over-the-top sweetness - enables me to produce baked goods that are unmatched in quality and creativity.  I only bake with real butter, never oil or shortening like your local grocery store, because, well... butter is better!  When it comes to frosting, I use the Swiss meringue method for a buttercream that is light and fluffy in texture, yet rich and creamy in taste (unless of course the situation calls for cream cheese).


Living in the Pacific Northwest, I feel very lucky to have access to so many great products and ingredients.  I also believe in supporting fellow local, small businesses and I source ingredients locally whenever possible, the same way as I shop for groceries for my own home.